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Feelings of Unworthiness


How do you measure your self-worth? Is it based on others approval? Do you ever feel not-good-enough?

As women, we are taught that our looks are the most important thing and the prettier and skinnier we are, the more worthy and beautiful we are. But, it’s just what we have been subconsciously taught. It’s only a common belief that society has agreed upon. It’s absolutely not true…..if we believe it’s not true. In a Huffposts article it says, “Aging isn’t just a biological process — it’s also very much a cultural one.”

Different cultures have different beliefs about growing older. Some celebrate the aging process and see it as a good thing, but, unfortunately we live in a culture where younger women are seen as more attractive and valuable. Getting older is often portrayed as something to dread and women often feel invisible and judged by society as they age. It’s sad how many of us feel unworthy and don’t honor ourselves.

So many commercials and advertisements say we need this-and-that to look younger. As you know, the anti-aging movement is huge. I say let’s focus on aging gracefully instead. Having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of ourselves the best way we can (not obsessively though) is what is most important. There are more things to worry about than how we look. Easier said than done I know. 

It takes a lot of emotional energy to fight the self-criticism that goes on (and on, and on……) inside our minds. When you look in the mirror, are you thinking judgmental or loving thoughts about yourself? Doing your daily skin care routine can be a great mindful practice where you are a captive audience to yourself. It’s a great time to observe your thoughts about yourself. Are they critical or loving? 

If they aren’t loving thoughts, it’s time to take charge and stop giving them power. You may not feel in control of those negative thoughts, but you can choose a more loving one right afterwards to counter it.

Changing a mindset is a process for sure. It just takes one thought at a time. It’s a journey, right? May you be filled with loving, positive thoughts toward yourself and know you are worthy beyond measure. 💜

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