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About Shelley

Facials, Skin Care, Organic

I am passionate about helping others have healthy skin by encouraging them to take good care of their skin at home with an appropriate skin care routine, get regular non-invasive facial treatments, live a healthy lifestyle and love themselves as they are, not the illusion of perfection they think they are "suppose" to look like. 
I’ve had my own skin care practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years, focusing on treating my clients' skin issues with therapeutic facial treatments, state-of-the-art equipment and organic, professional-grade skin care products. Due to the pandemic, I am now offering virtual services as well.

  • Founding member of the Association for Holistic Skin Care Practitioners
  • Featured expert in the book Cortisol and the Beauty Connection
  • Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals
  • Certified Plant-Based Nutritional Practitioner
  • Certified Breath Coach
  • Member of 1% For The Planet (one percent of profits go to help the planet)

* This is my beloved beagle, Barney.