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About Shelley Rosenfeld

Facials, Skin Care, Organic

I have been a licensed, holistic esthetician for over 23 years. When I left a corporate job to pursue my passion in skin care, I knew I wanted to help others not only have nice, healthy skin, but also to encourage them to love and accept themselves no matter what their imperfections were. I had suffered from low self-esteem and acne as a teenager and wanted to learn all I could about the skin and how best to care for it.

Fast forward to today, now that I’m in my 50’s, and the pressure to stay young-looking affects women in our society more than ever. Middle-aged women often feel unattractive and feel their value is based on their looks. Sometimes even a panic sets in about their face showing signs of aging as well as a fear of being judged because of it.

I want there to be a paradigm shift in the definition of beauty. Self-confidence, aging gracefully by living a healthy lifestyle and releasing the fear of what others think about you and your aging face is beauty. It’s about healthy skin care, a sense of self and a positive attitude.

I'd love the opportunity to help you have beautiful, glowing any age! Please see my Services page for more information.


 * This is my beloved beagle, Barney.