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Is Your Skin Care Routine Right For You?

Our faces are on the front line, bombarded by the sun, air pollution, and dirt. Your skin, the largest organ of your body, protects you from outside pathogens and holds all your internal organs in place! Needless to say, keeping your skin healthy is very important!

Everyone’s skin is unique so your particular treatment plan and home skin care regimen is specific for what your skin needs. For example, if you have rosacea or redness, your condition will need calming and take into consideration sensitivity. 

Caring for your skin on a regular basis is a form of self-love. It’s taking time for yourself. Skin care is a vital component of your self-care toolbox. I recommend getting monthly skin treatments along with having a good skin care routine.

Below is a basic skin care routine to do at home. I offer a complimentary online consultation if you need help with what would be best for your skin.

1. Cleanse - use a gentle facial cleanser twice a day (can do night only if you have very dry skin) by dampening your face with lukewarm water, then squeeze a pea-sized amount of facial cleanser onto wet palms and rub palms together, massage in upward circular motions with your fingertips for 30 seconds; rinse thoroughly with tepid water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel. Shop Cleansers.

2. Tone - balance the skin's pH, and prepare the skin to receive your serum and moisturizer; spritz on all over face and leave on. Shop Toners.

3. Exfoliate - depending on which type of exfoliant you use, either slough off or dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresh skin that is more soft and supple. Apply a dime size and use 3-4 times per week. Shop Scrubs and Fruit Peel.

4. Treat - feed your skin a serum or elixir that contains the nourishment your skin needs. Serums provide fast-absorbing and concentrated ingredients to address skin concerns such as aging, acne, sun spots, dryness, etc. Apply a small amount under your moisturizer. Shop Serums, Elixirs and Treatment Products.

5. Moisturize - helps keep all of the nourishing oils and potent ingredients from your serum sealed in, as well as give your skin more hydration. Massage on enough to cover your face, neck and upper chest. Shop Moisturizers & Hydrating Elixirs.

In addition, it’s beneficial to use a Mask (Shop Masks) that addresses skin-specific concerns such as dryness, sensitivity, oiliness, etc. Depending on the function of the mask, on average, apply 1-2 times per week.

Apply a Sunscreen (Shop Sunscreens) everyday, whether it’s sunny or not. This is vital to slow down the appearance of aging skin as well as protective.

Do you have questions about your skin or skin care routine? Do you need recommendations? If so, I'm here to help. Schedule a free consultation.

xoxo, Shelley 

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