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Skin Care Products

Healthy skin is a combination of many factors, including high-quality skin care products, that are not only natural, but made to treat the skin. What we put on our skin should be as safe and pure as the food we eat.

As a holistic esthetician, it has always been my intention to provide the cleanest, most effective skin care products for my clients.

I have personally used and recommended Elina Organics for over 15 years. I still find them to be the most effective in treating skin conditions like healing acne, calming rosacea, evening-out skin tone and rejuvenating dry, sun damaged skin.

    • 100% Organic, Handmade and Cruelty-Free
    • All food-grade ingredients come from nature, not from synthetic sources
    • Each product is bioenergized and transdermal, with the ability to infuse therapeutic-grade ingredients into living cells for maximum results
    • Seasonally adjusted with the freshest ingredients