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Preventing Neck Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the aging process, but we can do what we can to delay them. The neck is one of the first places to show visible signs of aging. Lack of proper skin care, sun exposure and volume loss due to aging are some of the biggest culprits.

Neck wrinkles have pretty much been a concern for aging women since forever, but now they are even a concern for younger generations. Spending so much time looking down on their phones has caused a habitual fold in their neck. The result…..they are getting neck lines too! There’s actually a term for it now, “tech neck”. It doesn’t look like we are going to be giving up our tech devices anytime soon, but we can be more mindful of our posture and take longer breaks from looking down all the time.

The skin in the neck area is thin, delicate and has less oil glands than your face, making it more prone to being dry. Dry skin is more likely to show signs of aging. Because the neck starts losing its elasticity and tone around 50 years old, you want to make sure you include this area in your day-and-night skin care routines.

Sleep with only one pillow to avoid bending the neck at a 45-degree angle. We spend on average a third of our lives asleep, so your sleep position makes a difference in the long run.

Sun damage is the one of the biggest factors in how our skin ages. Sun exposure breaks down collagen, leading to lines and wrinkles. Make sure you apply enough sunscreen, around a dime-to-nickel-size just for your neck. Apply in upward strokes. Shop Sun Protection.

Sunscreen helps protect our skin from UV damage, but what do you do when it’s too late and the lines and wrinkles are already visible? Use a Vitamin C serum like, Elina Organics' Vitamin C ElixirVitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is very effective in treating the skin that is already damaged from sun exposure.

Drink water. When the body is dehydrated, the skin loses it’s elasticity and tone. Staying hydrated from within is essential to having healthy skin. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants is another great way to stay hydrated. It’s an inside-and-out job after all.

Receive regular facial treatments. Getting a professional skin treatment smoothes, hydrates and cleans your skin and pores. It’s the foundation for making your home skin care products work more effectively. You’ll leave with a very hydrated, plump and rejuvenated face and neck! Who doesn’t want that?! Schedule an appointment.

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