“Shelley is the best.”
– Eric R.

“My monthly facials with Shelley have added a new dimension to my life. I am grateful for her knowledge about skin care and I treasure the serenity, gentle touch and wonderful aromas – all of which I feel contribute to the maintenance of my good health!”
– Susan N., R.N.

“Shelley’s facials are the best I’ve ever had. Not only did her natural herbal products save me from having to use harsh chemical  treatments for acne, but her knowledge and skill helped clear my skin right up. I am pleased to say I have gotten many positive comments on my skin.”
– Victoria D.

“Before I tried Shelley’s products, my skin never looked smooth … but now that I’ve been on ElinaOrganics products people notice how good my skin looks … it feels cleaner just knowing I’m putting on all organic products.”
– Tina G.

“Shelley’s facials are divine.  For anyone interested in all-natural, organic skin care products that truly are clean, see her.  She is wholeheartedly a progressive esthetician with a wonderfully warm and gentle approach.”
– Marina G.

“Shelley you have turned back the hands of time for me. My skin looks and feels years younger.  I really appreciate all the extra effort you put out to help me look my best.  You give so much more than a great facial!! You have helped lines disappear and sags to firm up. You have helped me to look better on the outside and to feel better about myself inside. I also love that the only products you use are all organic with natural ingredients.  That is very important to me, the difference that those products make on  my skin is remarkable!”
– Bonnie G.

“Since I began treatment with Shelley my acne problem has become more and more controllable and I’ve been able to keep hormonal break outs to a minimal. I am very pleased with the service as well as the step by step directions for self care in between our regular office visits. I find that my skin is easier to clean and much softer to the touch.”
– Emmeline B.